For those of you who want to know the origin of the band's name, here is the story behind it all.

Chris Walinski says:

Concerning the band name, back in the days when I was playing acoustically in a two man band, I got a call from a bar owner. He wanted to book a full band, and even though I was only in a two man acoustic show, I told him that I had a full band.

The bar owner asked: "What's the band's name?"

I didn't have a band, so of course I didn't have a band name. But luckily for me, as he was asking, I looked at the television. The movie 'Smokey and the Bandit' was on. At that moment, the scene came on where Jackie Gleason goes into a truck stop where Burt Reynolds is eating and Jackie Gleason says: "Give me a Dr.Pepper and a DI-A-BLO SANDWICH, and make it fast I'm in a hurry."

Without thinking twice, I replied over the phone: "The Diablo Sandwich Band."

And that was the birth of the band.

The Band has been together so long that it's even mentioned on WIKIPEDIA:
On the page regarding Smokey And The Bandit, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smokey_and_the_Bandit) it is noted in the Trivia section that "Sheriff Justice's line "Let me have a Diablo Sandwich, a Dr. Pepper, and make it fast, I'm in a hurry." has inspired the name of a music group, the Diablo Sandwich Band [4] <http://www.diablosandwich.com/>"



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